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6 M Dome

(29 M2)

Our standard size for Glamping, allows to fit 2, 3 or up to 4 guests. The height of this version permits to place a bunk bed next to the wall, taking maximum advantage of the area.


Das 5 M Dome Unsere kleinste Version der Domes. Es bietet Unterkunft für zwei Personen


7 M Dome

(38 M2)

Thanks to the size of the pentagon on the roof top, we recommend to choose the skylight window, giving an amazing view to the stars in the night and plenty of light during the day.

8 M Dome

(50 M2)

One of our biggests versions for Living and Glamping. You can easily add a shower/toilet cabine. Or even better, the height on this version allows to create a second floor!


9 M Dome

(64 M2)

This massive dome allows you to play with space in so many ways. You can add a toilet/shower and a kitchen.

Or just create a big room for 6-8 guests.

hengnuo 6M.png
sepi 6m.png
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