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About us


Nicolas Spenza, founder of The Dome Shop grew up earning his carpentry skills from his father who owns for almost 40 years a carpentry company in the most southern island of Argentina, known for its extreme weather conditions and rain on a regularly base travel horizontal due to extreme wind speeds. It was in this setting Nicolas had to learn man made structures had to be produced sturdy and rugged for them to be sustainable and durable.


After finishing his studies in university, he decided to travel and work around the world for almost 5 years crossing Oceania, Asia, Europe and Latin America learning about nature, cultures and different building technics.


On a later age Nico was working on high snow-covered mountains for ski resorts in the Alps where he got introduced to dome shaped igloo structures and where he got the opportunity assisting building these accommodations.


Fast forward in time, Nico had travelled to the South of Portugal where he was hired to lead the build-up team to construct and maintain glamp site infrastructures. There he got experienced setting up a wide variety of different temporary structures and Nico was once again 100% convinced the engineering properties of the geodesic dome structure withstanding rough Atlantic weather was by far superior over other types of structures.


With his passion for building, all knowledge under his wings and a global developing trend people choosing glamp sites over campsites and tiny houses over four walls villas, Nico grab his opportunity and the momentum and decided to start The Dome Shop.   

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