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Live in a geodesic dome tent foru seasons. Live offgrid in the nature in a geodesic dome. Geodesic dome tent resists extreme temperature and strong wind.
  • Living in a round space is simply wow

  • Inexpensive for a home

  • Very durable

  • Perfect tiny home solution


Why live between 4 walls?

Use your geodesic dome tent for multipurpose events. You can do yoga retrear, weddins, concerts, festival, any kind of retreat. Multiple options to use your dome.
  • Retreat center

  • Weddings

  • Festivals

  • Concerts


More space, more fun

Grow your vegetables in a geodesic dome tent. Do agriculture in your dome. Growing flowers in a dome. Growing plants in you geodesic dome.
  • Backyard or upscaled agriculture

  • Bio education

  • Hydroponics

  • Aquaponics

Bio Dome

Grow your own food

Dome_Shoot - 6.jpg
  • Rugged design, durable materials

  • It's easy to pitch a dome & we love to help

  • A unique holiday experience

  • Make it fit your glamping standard


Spacious and unique

The story of The Dome Shop, how the business starts in Algarve Portugal

Founder of Dome Shop Nicolas Spenza grew up earning his carpentry skills from his father who 40 years owns for a carpentry company in the most Southern island of Argentina, known for its extreme weather conditions and rain on a regularly base travel horizontal due to extreme wind speeds. It was in this setting Nicolas had to learn man made structures had to be produced sturdy and rugged for them to be sustainable and durable.

On a later age Nico was working on high snow covered mountains for Ski retreats in Europe where he got introduced to dome shaped Iglo structures and

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Our story

The history of the geodesic dome. The first geodesic dome in history. When was invented the geodesic dome?

The first dome that could be called "geodesic" in every respect was designed after World War I by Walther Bauersfeld, chief engineer of the Carl Zeiss optical company, for a planetarium to house his planetarium projector.


Due to its outstanding physical characteristics, we see geodesic domes being used since its early days for various applications such as; greenhouses, artic science institutes, demo cities of the future and recently pitched as future Mars colony habitats.



Our standard sizes are 5/8 tall, meaning they are a slightly  higher than 1/2 sphere, this particular characteristic allows to use efficiently the whole area even next to its walls.

Membrane colour of geodesic dome tent. Outer cover for your tent. PVC and polyester material. Sturdy cover for tent. Four seasons cover for dome tent in Portugal


Dress your dome choosing among our standard colours. For custom made colours please contact us.

Inner cover for geodesic dome tent. Insulation layer. Cotton layer to keep warm in winter and keep it cool in summer. Insulation for your geodesic dome tent living offgrid and for glamping


Different thickness for different weather conditions.

Choose your favourite colour to give it your own style.

Accesories for your geodesic dome tent. Windows, door, skylight, curtains, camouflage net for your geodesic dome tent. floor, solar powered exhaust to take hot and moisture out of your geodesic dome tent. Wood stove for tent offgrid


Customize your dome, make it unique.

Triangle glass window

Triangle glass window

Velcro window

Velcro window

Curve cover ventilation hole

Curve cover ventilation hole

Skylight window

Skylight window

Electric Curtain for Skylight

Electric Curtain for Skylight

Exit for chimney

Exit for chimney

Solar ventilator

Solar ventilator

Camouflage Net

Camouflage Net

Stove with Chimney

Stove with Chimney



Flooring colours

Flooring colours

Panoramic view for geodesic dome tent. Choose the size and location of the panoramic view. Enjoy the view in your geodesic dome tent.


100% customisable transparent window bay. Choose the position and size without limits. Here are some of the most popular options.



water proof

The outer membrane is made of Polyester + PVC canvas, in all its joints welded, preventing leaks.

Low maintenance

The Dome Shop structures are made of hot dip galvanized metal + powder paint coat fininsh preventing from rust. The outer membrane doesn't need any yearly treatment, just cleaning dust once in a while is enough to make it look like brand new again!

Wind resistant

Our domes in their standard version are able to resist 100km/h wind load and support up to 75kg of weight per square meter. 

You can also customize your 

structure and make it stronger for extra resistance specially in highly wind areas or very snowy weathers. 

Uv resistant

Thanks to its treatment against UV rays, our canvas are resistant to the sunlight, extending the lifespan for years without affecting the colour and texture.

flame retardant

The outer canvas is treated with

flame retardant technology. 

As the frame is made of metal structure, in case of fire, it could only suffer  aesthetical damages